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Move Out Procedures

Now that you are moving out, your lease agreement requires that you leave the property in a clean and undamaged condition. We have every intention of returning your Security Deposit & Pet Deposit as long as you have fulfilled your agreement with us.


The following information is provided to help you get your Security Deposit returned without any misunderstandings.


  • According to the terms of your lease, Top Property Management Group has 30 days to return your Security Deposit. The Security Deposits will be mailed to the forwarding address you leave with the office within 30 days after the move-out inspection. Refunds cannot be picked up at the office.

  • Remember to clean your Rental Property inside/outside to avoid any charges against your deposit.

  • Cooperate with showings of the property for sale or rental, keeping it in a presentable condition. Your lease agreement authorizes us to place on the property a key box containing a key to show the property during the last 30 days of your lease or at any time the Landlord lists the property for sale. You may withdraw the authorization to place a key box on the property by providing written notice and paying 1 (One) Month's Rent as consideration for the withdrawal. Landlords will remove the key box within a reasonable time after receipt of the notice of withdrawal and payment of the required fee. If agents are denied access or are not able to access the property because of tenant's failure to make the property accessible, tenant will be charged a trip charge of $50.00. Failure to allow reasonable showings during the final 30 days of the lease constitutes default of the lease. The Security Deposit, in it's entirety, can be forfeited for this reason. Please cooperate with our agents.





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