Preparing For Move Out 


  •  You must provide the office a complete Forwarding Address.

  •  All keys, Garage Door Openers and Gate Remotes, etc., must be turned in by the expiration date of the lease agreement or a pro-rated rent will be charged daily until they are turned in. If Tenant fails to vacate the Property at the time this lease ends Tenant will pay Landlord rent for the holdover period and indemnify Landlord and prospective tenants for damages, including but not limited to lost rent, lodging expenses, costs of eviction, and attorneys' fees. Rent for any holdover period will be three (3) times the monthly rent, calculated on a daily basis, and will be immediately due and payable daily without notice or demand.

  • Post Office keys: If mailbox keys were originally issued by the Post Office, then they should be turned in to the Post Office with a change of address notice.

  • We will conduct a final Move Out Inspection after all furnishings have been removed and all cleaning accomplished and the keys are turned in to Top Property Management Group to document the condition that you leave the property.

  • We will send out a photographer to do Move Out Pictures. He or She will not be able to tell you what charges will or will not be charged against your Security Deposit.

  • The property manager will compare the Move- In pictures with the Move- Out pictures and with your Move- In check list and the reports from the maintenance personnel after you Move- Out to determine if there will be any charges against your security deposit.

  • • We do not perform Move Out inspections with tenants present at the property. Remember the photographer will only take Move- Out pictures. He/She will not be able to tell you what charges will or will not be charged against your Security Deposit. They are only there to document the condition of the property.


*Utilities Must Be on During The Inspection. If the Utilities are not on for the Move- Out inspection, tenants will be charged a $50 trip charge. Any delays caused by the Utilities not being turned on will delay the return of your Security Deposit. Tenants are not permitted back on the property after vacating. Call utility companies and arrange for final readings. (Remember: Utilities must be left on for the Move- Out Inspection).