Rental Verification & Charges



Our experience has been that after the work and stress of moving out, tenants may be too tired to clean the house. We recommend considering a professional cleaning company. You are certainly free to choose any company or use our recommended company, please call us for a list of cleaning companies. If you hire a professional cleaning service you should provide them a list of what we expect and oversee and inspect their work. Please follow the above instructions carefully. If the house does not meet the pre-requisites after the inspection, applicable charges will be made WITH NO EXCEPTIONS. Tenants are not permitted back on the property after vacating. Very Important!!! Upon leaving, please be sure to fully secure the property by locking all windows and doors. Do not lock the keyless Deadbolt.


Rental Verifications



We often receive requests from mortgage companies and other landlords wanting a rental verification of a tenant's rental history. Usually they want this information filled out and returned to them immediately. We are happy to comply and get them the information they request; however, we require a $20.00 processing fee in order to cover the costs and time associated in performing this service. 


List of Average Charges



Nothing herein shall be construed as a limitation on agent's rights to pursue resident for damages not specifically listed hereon: These are minimum charges and prices may not include trip charges or labor.