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Tips For Cleaning Your Unit

Here are some helpful reminders of items that many people overlook or forgot upon vacating. Please use this checklist as a guideline. The condition of the property will be evaluated according to, but not limited to, the following:



• All personal belongings must be removed from the premises.

• Painting: Please remove all nails. DO NOT PATCH, SPACKLE OR SPOT PAINT NAIL HOLES, OR TOUCH UP PAINT WITHOUR APPROVAL. If you paint & it does not match or if you do a poor job of filling holes, you will be charged for necessary painting to match the existing paint or to redo the wall (tape/float/paint). Charges for painting depend on length of time in the property and whether it exceeds normal wear & tear.

• Carpet Cleaning: Tenant's are required to have the carpets Professionally Cleaned at the time of Move- Out. This must be done after you have completely removed all your belongings and vacated the property. A receipt from a professional carpet cleaning company must be provided to us when you turn in your keys. DO NOT rent a machine from a store or use home cleaning machines. Only professional cleaning is acceptable.

• Be sure to have any spot treatments or pet treatments done as needed. If any Odors or Pet Odors resurfaces after you have vacated the property you are responsible for charges incurred to remove the odor. 

• Clean vinyl, wood and or tile flooring. Clean and dust all baseboards.

• Be sure to clean or replace Air conditioner filters with pleated filters as you vacate the property. HVAC and water heater enclosures should be vacuumed.

• Walls, baseboards and ceilings must be cleaned and free of cobwebs and lint and spot clean walls as necessary.

• Clean fireplace, hearth and mantle, remove ashes and debris. Be sure hot ashes are properly extinguished prior to disposing.

• Clean all wall switch plates and outlet covers.

• Clean all windows inside and out, clean window sills, mini-blinds and vertical slats throughly. Be careful not to bend or damage the slats when cleaning.

• Clean mirrors, windows and sliding glass doors with glass cleaner. Also clean window and sliding glass door tracks.

• Clean celing fans and light fixtures

• Replace burned out or missing light bulbs, be sure to use the correct wattage and type. Replace broken globes. Make sure the ceiling fan blades including the top and light kits are clean. Also check the ceiling surrounding all fans.

• Often dust has gathered by the fans and adheres to the ceiling. One of the easiest ways to clean this is to lightly sweep the ceiling with a broom. 

• Smoke alarms must be operative. Replace batteries as necessary.

• Clean All closets, storage spaces and shelving free of dust, spider webs and miscellaneous debris.


Clean Kitchen

• Clean kitchen appliances inside and out

• Clean oven, stove and under drip pans. If the drip pans and rings on the range are not cean and in like new condition, if would be more economical for you to replace them yourself, rather than to be charged for them. Foil covering drip pans is not acceptable.

• Clean Oven/Range Hood vent including filter.

• Wash out refrigerator and compartments, including freezer. Do not forget to wash off the top exterior of the refrigerator and clean the rubber gasket around refrigerator and freezer door. Clean bottom vent. Clean under the all appliances (flooring).

• Clean dishwasher

• Run empty dishwasher one last time. Use the normal amount of soap you would use for a full load. Wipe down the gasket and the door and do the surrounding areas.

• Be sure garbage disposal is clean and free of debris. ( Do not use fingers to check) Return/Replace sink stoppers. 

 All Countertops, cabinets and drawers must be cleaned. • All cabinets must be cleaned- Thoroughly clean and wipe the inside & outside of all cabinets. • All drawers must be cleaned- Thoroughly clean and wipe the inside of all cabinet drawers & shelves. • Clean sinks, faucets & countertops- free of stains, scale and rust. Return stoppers to sink. 


Clean Bathrooms

  • Clean counter tops, sinks, soap dishes, tiles, fixtures, tub and or showers. Be certain they are free of mold/mildew, soap scum, scale and rust.

  • Clean mirrors, light fixtures and medicine cabinets.

  • Thoroughly clean and wipe the inside & outside of all cabinets.

  • Thoroughly clean and wipe the inside of all cabinet drawers and shelves.

  • Clean toilets inside and out and remove all lime deposits. Clean toilet seat surfaces, top and bottom.

  • Mop and or vacuum flooring which ever applies. Do not use scouring power to clean acrylic or fiberglass tubs. It will ruin the finish. 



  • Lawns must be neatly mowed and edged, trees and shrubs trimmed or pruned, yard watered and all trash and debris removed.

  • Any animal droppings are to be picked up and disposed of.

  • All trash and garbage must be removed from the premises ( including curbside). If you have trash that exceeds the normal pickup, you are to arrange to have it hauled away.

  • Replace damaged screens and windows.

  • Walkways, driveways, patios and garage floors must be cleaned and free of oil, grease and other debris.

  • Repair pet damage and treat for fleas/ticks etc.

  • Clean outdoor light globe(s), replace burned out or missing light, bulbs.


Consider Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company

Our experience has been that after the work and stress of moving out, tenants may be too tired to clean the house. We recommend considering a professional cleaning company. You are certainly free to choose any company or use our recommended company, please call us for a list of cleaning companies. If you hire a professional cleaning service you should provide them a list of what we expect and oversee and inspect their work. Please follow the above instructions carefully. If the house does not meet the pre-requisites after the inspection, applicable charges will be made WITH NO EXCEPTIONS. Tenants are not permitted back on the property after vacating. Very Important!!! Upon leaving, please be sure to fully secure the property by locking all windows and doors. Do not lock the keyless Deadbolt.


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